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We know that it's a trouble in itself to resolve one's own issues by oneself. In today's world, it's got more difficult to resolve one's own issues as the world's been a fast changing place. We deliver our services in the field of Intellectual Property, Logo Designing, GST & Income Tax. Our prime object is to strengthen the small business holders by spreading awareness among them. Your first step towards progress is just a call away.  

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The Big News

Currently, we have opened our new office at Jalaun (U.P.). In the upcoming time, we are planning to open our new destinations at various places in India.


Que 1- What does "The Lexicographer" do?

Ans- "The Lexicographer" is mainly dealing with the Trade Marks Registration, GST & Income Tax filing, Logo Designing etc.

Que 2- Why should one rely upon "The Lexicographer" ?

Ans- As our punchline shows that we have a commitment towards "Accuracy, Loyalty, Efficacy". All these three qualities are enough to make us outstanding and reliable.

Que3- If One wants to take services in the field of Trade Marks, what should he do?

Ans- There is nothing to do about it. Just send an e-mail to us and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Que 4- Does "The Lexicographer" pay attention towards the privacy of the clients?

Ans- Don't worry, It's a purely bilateral process. We believe in a healthy client-attorney relationship. Therefore, there is no chance of privacy leak on the our end.

Que 5- What are the charges of the services provided by "The Lexicographer"?

The charges of the services provided by "The Lexicographer" are very reasonable. However, our plans may be different from others, but if you go in depth, you would find it quite reasonable.

Que 6- Are there some other services provided by "The Lexicographer" ?

Ans- At present, we are providng our services in the abovementioned fields only, but in future, we are planning to expand our services.